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If you want to cycle MTB in Åre this summer, then you have come to the right place.
We offer Trek bikes for rent and guided courses with trained guides.

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Trail cycling in Årefjällen

Dear child has many names. Trail cycling, Cross Country, MTB, Trail cycling or XC Mountain biking in Åre are really the same thing.
Unlike the lift-borne downhill cycling, you pedal both stop and perform and do not use a lift. There are lots of nice cycling to discover in and around Åre. Both machine-built trails in XC Center Björnen and Mountain Biking (hiking trails out on the mountain). We run guided tours in 3 or 6 hours and rent both hardtails, fully-armed and electric mountain bikes.

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FAQs about XC mountain biking in Åre

Is it difficult to cycle cross country MTB in Åre?

No, our guides are good at adapting the path and pace according to the conditions and previous knowledge. Sometimes we say it's kind of like riding up and down a curb every 5 feet. With the right bike it's really fun!

Do you have to be fit to ride an MTB?

No it does not matter in what form you are, we adapt the tours so that everyone can feel satisfied. Maybe we'll drive a little extra downhill or throw in a break with coffee. We also have electric mountain bikes that are perfect if the group is a bit uneven.

Are these special bikes?

Yes. We have some of the best bikes on the market from Trek. Our bikes are optimally adapted for the terrain found here in Åre. The shock absorbers can be locked in three positions. One for downhill cycling along the path, one for climbing uphill and one for more dirt road-like roads, where we want to get all possible power down the pedals. The XC mountain bike bikes must not be used for the lift-borne downhill cycling.

What kind of clothes do you have?

Shorts and t-shirt. If it's a colder day, it might be nice to have a underwear shirt. Sneakers with as flat sole as possible. If it rains, you can rent a jacket from us.

Where do we gather?

We are located on the eastern part of Åre torg (Stationsvägen 16). Here you can pick up your bike and here we also gather for the courses. We are open 9.30-18.00 every day.

Which bike should I choose?

The Hardtail bikes are cushioned and do not offer the same flexibility as the fully dampened full swish models, but can be rented at a lower price. We also rent out Trek's popular e-mountain bike which is absolutely fantastic bike for long trips and adventures on the mountain.

Which XC Mountain Bike Should I Choose?

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Hike over magnificent areas, drink water from clear mountain streams and maybe even take a dip.
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Rent mountain bike in Åre

Rent a bike in Åre

Read more about the different models and feel free to contact us if you need more information.

Guided courses

Hire a guide to help you get more out of the day. Our guides are certified by the Professional Mountain Bike Instructor Association (PMBI) and will make sure you get the right tools to develop your skills, whether it's the first time you've cycled MTB in Åre or you're more experienced. Just tell us what you want out of the lesson and we'll make sure we meet your expectations.