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This is no ordinary snowmobile safari. Join our snowmobile guide along winding snowmobile trails, between mountain birches and spruce trees, out to Åre's magical mountain world. When the opportunity arises, we let loose on pristine trails and experience the nice riding characteristics of the scooters. We have several different tours, ranging from a couple of hours where we burn to the full or a full day where we go further out in the mountains and have lunch at one of the restaurants. There is something for everyone, so take the opportunity to rent a snowmobile now!

Open guided tours

We offer a number of open tours and guided tours that we run at regular times.

Private guided tours

You can also book private guided tours for a VIP experience where we can customize the tour to your needs and wishes.

Lynx Adventure 600, 2022

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FAQs about snowmobile guiding in Årefjällen

Where do we drive scooters?

Common to all snowmobile tours is that we start in Åre Björnen at our snowmobile base. The guide for the day will then determine the best route according to the conditions of the day. Our goal is always to give you as guests the best possible tour. The most common is that we stay around the back of Åre skutan and if the conditions are good try to get up over the tree line.
Usually we start away towards Fröågruva because if conditions allow us to go up the mountain, otherwise turn down towards the beautiful mountain lakes Hissjön and Järptjärn.
For special requests, please book the VIP tour (private group). Then you can choose the route according to your wishes and conditions.

What kind of clothes do you have?

You can really have anything (almost). The basic rule is to think the same as when skiing, but with us you get an overall. We lend snowmobile overalls, helmets and boots to groups of up to 20 people. We groups over 20 people add 150 kr per person for renting equipment. For longer trips, it can be good to have underwear and something warmer between layers. A pair of comfortable wool socks is also never wrong.

Where do we gather?

Åreguidenas Skoterbas in Åre Björnen.
Our snowmobile base is located on the left side 600m after björnen's center if you come from Åre village.

See map (Google Maps)
- Drive towards Åre Björnen
- Drive through the entire Åre Björnen center
- 400m from the cross-country track center, the snowmobile base is on the left side
- Park in the parking pocket on the right side
63.39375, 13.14411

If you have not shown up and have not heard from us 10 minutes after the planned start of the tour, we reserve the right to start the tour without you.

Is this the first time you drive a snowmobile in Åre?

You can feel safe! We have several guests driving for the first time on a daily basis. We start all tours with a proper walk-through, how to drive a scooter. If you still feel unsure, please let us know and we can give you extra support. There are also various snowmobile tours, the Waffle Tour is more suitable for families with children or those who drive for the first time. If you want a little more advanced driving instead, choose 2.5 burner tour or full-day tour. Welcome!

What does it take to drive a snowmobile in Åre?

To be able to drive a scooter, a valid driving licence issued by the Swedish Transport Agency or that it is approved to drive a scooter with in the country where the driving licence is issued is required. Approved Swedish driving licences: B-card, Scooter card or AM card moped class 1 (applies only to guardians).

How many people can sit on a scooter?

Maximum 2 people per scooter. A driver and a passenger. Children must sit behind the driver and be able to hold on to themselves. On the waffle tour we recommend a minimum age of 6 years.

What happens in case of injury?

The driver of the scooter is responsible for the scooter throughout the tour. Should an accident occur, you will be liable for the excess.
The excess is SEK 15,000/scooter

How old do you have to be?

As a driver, you can be as old as you like with a valid driver's license
As a passenger, you must be 6 years of age or larger. For younger children or other needs, we recommend our family tour with Traxtern (track wheeling). It is a car with a band set where 5 guests can go. It is also possible to insert a high chair/baby seat in it.

Do you stay several days in Åre?

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