Snowmobile in Åre

One of the mountains' best winter experiences

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Är du sugen på att åka lite skoter i Åre i vinter då har du kommit rätt.
Missa inte att välja datum här nedanför när du börjar din bokning.

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Experience a magical mountain adventure in Åre

This is no ordinary snowmobile safari. Follow our snowmobile guide along winding snowmobile trails, between mountain birches and spruces, out to Åre's magical mountain world. When given the opportunity, we let go on untouched trails and experience the snowmobiles' fine driving characteristics. We have several different tours, ranging from a couple of hours where we burn to the full or a full day where we go further out in the mountains and have lunch at one of the restaurants. There is something for everyone, so take the opportunity to rent a snowmobile now!

Lynx Xtrim 600 LX 2020

Drive yourself or share a snowmobile!

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FAQ and more information

Are the snowmobiles insured?

Yes, the snowmobiles are insured. During the trip, the driver is responsible for his own snowmobile and should an accident occur, you can be liable for the deductible. The deductible is 10 000 kr.

What kind of clothes do you have?

You can really have anything (almost). The basic rule is to think the same as when skiing, but with us you get an overall. We lend snowmobile overalls, helmets and boots to groups of up to 20 people. We groups over 20 people add 150 kr per person for renting equipment. For longer trips, it can be good to have underwear and something warmer between layers. A pair of comfortable wool socks is also never wrong.

Where do we gather?

We gather up in Björnen. Our snowmobile base is located on the left side 600m after Björnencentrum.

See map (Google Maps)

- Drive towards Åre Björnen
- Drive through the entire Åre Björnen center
- 400m from the cross-country track center, the snowmobile base is on the left side
- Park in the parking pocket on the right side

63.39375, 13.14411

Is this the first time you drive a snowmobile in Åre?

You can feel safe with our guides and we have a proper review before each turn for you who are not used to driving a snowmobile. There are snowmobile tours both for you who want to drive alone and for you who want a passenger, you choose this in the booking process.

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We know snowmobiles!

Waffle trip

The perfect trip for you who want to try driving a snowmobile. We make our way through the beautiful landscape and stop to make waffles over an open fire. Recommended for families with younger children.

Burner tour

Here we focus on the driving experience. There will be more driving and we skip the coffee. A real snowmobile adventure simply!

The adventure trip

A combination where you get to experience the best of both worlds. Lots of snowmobiling while we stop for coffee or lunch break.

All day

We go far out on the mountain and experience a real snowmobile adventure. You get to see unique places and during the day you will feel more and more comfortable driving your snowmobile in mountain terrain. We stop for lunch at one of the restaurants in the area