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Select one of the following team activities. The activities are both entertaining, educational and suitable for mixed groups. Is there any activity you want to develop or adapt helps you plan and specially sew together a team activity according to a specific purpose.

Team navigation Åre

Team Navigation

Here is a form of point orientation where collaborative skills, strategic thinking and a good division of labor are important ingredients for winning. The teams should use a map and compass to navigate their way to as many checkpoints as possible. A checkpoint consists either of a task to solve or more extensive station that the team is supposed to carry out. We can customize tasks and stations according to the theme of the conference.

Recommended for 5-500 people.
Price example at 80 people from SEK 550 / p
Time required about 2-3h

The Great Adventure

If you are looking for something special to strengthen cooperation and community in your group, this is the perfect activity. A team competition in the wilderness where the feeling of overcoming the forces of nature arises. Through cooperation and the use of the team members’ strengths, you get around the terrain around and on Åreskutan. It will be a full day with everything that belongs to the wilderness, such as lunch cooked at a storm kitchen and coffee cooked over an open fire.

Recommended for 50 people or more.
Price example at 150p 175.000 kr.
Time required at least 5h.

Team navigation 5kamp åre

ÅG Kampen

Classic 3 or 5 competition. Collaborative exercises where we divide the group into teams and run 3 or 5 activities. Qualities such as teamwork, cunning and precision will be important for success. A mix of old classic scout exercises for today’s games.

Recommended for 5-30 people or more.
Price example at 30 p, 550 SEK/p.
Time required 1.5-2h

Åre Winter Games

Åre Winter Games

Åre’s own Winter Olympics that can be run with both small and large groups. We divide the participants into different countries, light the symbolic fire and let the contestants meet in classic winter events, but with a simpler and fun design.

Recommended for 30 people or more.

Conference activities


Sweden is one of the world’s strongest nations in biathlon! Have you ever tried it? The perfect activity for a group with a strong winning mind. A competition that guarantees excitement and team spirit as well as it can offer good laughs. The course can be done in anywhere from 50-500 meters.

Recommended for 10-100 people.
Price example at 30 p, 5000 SEK + 350 SEK/p.
Time required 1-2,5h

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