Biking Downhill in Åre

A great challenge you don't want to miss

Book downhill bike and downhill guide in Åre

Cycle downhill in Åre Bike Park this summer. We offer Trek bikes for rent and guided courses with trained guides.
You can add multiple bikes and courses to the same booking.

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We strongly recommend that you choose for the introductory course that runs every morning at 10:15 a.m. The course teaches you the necessary basic knowledge for optimal development and safety when cycling downhill in Åre. The course is 1.5h and costs 600KR per person. When booking bike rental, 50% discount is given on the intro course.

Scandinavia's largest downhill park

With a total of 50 km of bike trail, Åre Bike Park is the largest in Scandinavia and has something to offer for all levels. Rent some of the best downhill bikes on the market from Trek or book a guided course and we will help you get to the next level in cycling.

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FAQs about cycling in Åre Bike Park

Is it difficult to ride downhill?

If you have never cycled downhill in Åre before, we can highly recommend our intro courses! It helps you get started with cycling, what is important to consider, how to climb the lift and how to get down safely. The intro course gives you the best conditions you can get to get the most out of cycling. The intro course runs every day and is booked as an add-on when you rent a bike.

What are your clothes when you ride downhill?

Shorts or tights and t-shirt. If it's a colder day, it might be nice to have extra underwear. Sneakers with as flat sole as possible is best. If it rains, it is good with rainwear, if you do not have your own, we have to lend.

Where do we gather?

We are located on the eastern part of Åre torg (Stationsvägen 16). Here you can pick up your bike and here we also gather for the courses. We are open 9.30-18.00 every day.

How much does it cost to rent downhill?

Trek Session 8 costs 1050 SEK/day and Commencal children's bikes cost 600 SEK/day. The rent includes all necessary protective equipment. Cost elimination costs 75 kr per day and covers if applicable. damage to the bicycle and protection that may occur during the day. Ski passes cost about SEK 350 and are purchased by Skistar.

Is it dangerous to cycle downhill?

Downhill cycling is a relatively new sport. At first, before you knew better, there was quite a lot of damage. Now over the years we have learned how to build trails, what shelters to use and how to cycle downhill. We always recommend taking a guided course from one of our trained guides. Everyone is a beginner at Downhill at the beginning, even if you have been cycling cross country since you were a little bit.

Which downhill bike should I choose?

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Hike over magnificent areas, drink water from clear mountain streams and maybe even take a dip.
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Rent downhill in Åre

Rent a bike in Åre

When you ride downhill, you want to use fully dampened bikes that are a bit more reclined to facilitate steep slopes. We have six models of different sizes that are perfect for downhill cycling, both for children and adults. Read more about the different models and feel free to contact us if you need more information.

Guided courses

Hire a guide to help you get more out of the day. Our guides are certified by the Professional Mountain Bike Instructor Association (PMBI) and will ensure that you get the right tools to develop your skills, whether it's your first time riding downhill in Åre or you're more experienced. Just tell us what you want out of the lesson and we'll make sure we meet your expectations.