About Åreguiderna

Memorable experiences in Åre

Welcome to Åre

We make sure that you have memorable experiences during your stay in the Åre mountains

Åreguiderna has been active since 1985 and consists of a well-knit group of energetic guides with a great love for people and nature. We like the active life in Åre and are passionate about small and large adventures in the mountains. We are proud of our Åre and would like to show you what there is to do in Åremountain world. We offer summer and winter activities and events all year round.

About Åreguiderna

Activities that are of high quality in combination with the guides’ broad competence is why Åreguiderna has guided guests on the mountain in Åre since 1985. Our guides are “locals” and contribute to Åre-feeling. We grew up with adventure and depending on the weather we know which is today’s best favorite spots.

We know Åre and are happy to share our experiences and favorite tours. We offer team building and group exercises to strengthen the “we” feeling in an inspiring and positive mountain environment.

Whether you come as a private individual or a larger company, we have adventures that suit you. In winter we are in our ace and offer, among other things, snowmobile tours, cross-country courses, off-piste guiding & top tour guidance. If you come to Åre during the summer, downhill cycling, trail cycling, hiking or fly fishing coursesawait. We have the most trained bike guides in the country.

We can take care of your entire stay at Åre around with everything from hotel booking to restaurant, nightclub, transfers and activities. Please contact us today and we will make sure that you have a memorable experience in Åre

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