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Fantastic off-piste at åreskutan

Off-piste skiing on Åreskutan

Book an off-piste tour of Åreskutan with us. We have extensive experience of off-piste skiing on Åreskutan and know where the best skiing is for the day. To be able to keep up with our open groups, you should feel safe getting down on a red/black piste. If you choose instead a "own Åreguide", we adapt the level to suit you and your friends.
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Go off-piste with us at Åreskutan

Åreskutan is a relatively small mountain if we compare ourselves to the Alps but with unimaginable great opportunities for off-piste skiing. There is always fun skiing to find. It is therefore no slouch that Åre has raised several of the world's best skiers.
Philip Harlaut is our off-piste guide and ensures that the product is of high quality and high safety. All our ski guides have at least Lavin pro 1 or higher avalanche training. Of course, loans for avalanche equipment and testing of Salomon's QST skis are included.

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FAQs about off-piste guiding in Åre

Is off-piste equipment included?

Our off-piste tours always include avalanche equipment (shovel, probe & transiver). We also have a limited number of Salomon QST 106 and 99 skis for testing.

Do I need a ski pass?

Yes. Ski passes are not something we sell but a must for those who are going on the off-piste tour. Since we start from the lifts to access the off-piste runs, everyone must have ski passes. Ski passes can be purchased at Skistar Shop across the street towards our guide office.

Can we go off-piste in any weather?

We have as a basic rule that if Sadelliften and Fjällgårdsliften go, we can go. Provided that the avalanche danger is not too great and we consider that there is a safety risk. If the forecast is worse, we never charge anything in advance in Åre. We always gather at our guide office and discuss the conditions.

Where do we gather?

We gather at our Åreguiderna Guide Office at Åre Torg.

Off-piste guidance

Salomon equipment test

Off-piste guidance

Avalanche equipment included

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We know off-piste!

Ski guide Åreskutan

Experience Åre's finest skiing, our experienced guides will always find the best skiing for the day on the mountain.

Your own Åre guide

You get the feeling of being a VIP while enjoying the best skiing on the mountain. This is your choice if you want to be in your own off-piste group where you decide the company.