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Every year we arrange lots of conferences and meetings here in Åre and we have a close eye on how best to adapt a conference to optimize time and price. We offer a large menu of exciting activities that are of high quality, both for winter and summer we have something to suit everyone.

Our strength is that we are located in the middle of the village and are daily out in the mountains or meet the hotels. We are a local independent party that can help with the entire conference trip.

  • High local knowledge
  • Large network of contacts
  • Long experience

What can we do for you?

We arrange conferences for everything from smaller management teams to large congresses.

What is the purpose of your conference in Åre?

We would like to know why you want to go to a conference in Åre! To make it easier to find an arrangement adapted for you, we have developed three different purposes for going to a conference in Åre. Do you want to streamline and develop the company? Do you want to create better cohesion and get to know each other better between departments? Have you performed really well and achieved your goals? Then you should go on a bonus trip to really show how good you have been!

Streamline / develop the company

Create effective and awesome meetings in a creative and inspiring environment. Sometimes you just need to break off and go away to reach new goals. Why not go to a conference in Åre? We have both world-class hotels and restaurants. In addition, it is enough to look out the window to get creativity and inspiration. If that’s not enough, we create a “walk and talk” in the mountains or book a conference room where you can go by snowmobile or ski. Or why not a lecture in a hut on the mountain?


Is your focus to strengthen cohesion and strengthen the we-feeling during your days in Åre? Perfect! We have several different team building activities that can help with this. Of course, we understand that a group has different conditions and that it is important to have a good mix that appeals to the whole party. What do you think about ending the evening together with cooking a three-course dinner over an open fire?

Reward trip

Have your colleagues or your company achieved the company’s goals? Perfect, then we will create a real reward for you! We will planning a trip you will never forget.

What is the size of your group?

We adapt your conference to the size of your group.

Small business or management team

Management team / small business

A Management Team or small company. Here we have the opportunity to make many and unique experiences, quick movements, conference in a mountain cabin far out on the mountain, etc. Let’s take a telephone meeting and plan the trip.

Medium-sized company

Medium-sized company

A perfect size of a group for a conference in Åre. We can come up with most things, both joint team building activities and activity menus (where each participant decides the activity himself). Own après ski in the mountains. Most things are possible, the budget sets the limit.

Large company or congress

Large company / congress

A large company. We love challenges so feel free to give us your thoughts on what you want to achieve and we can say how it is possible. You need to think a little extra, what things can we do together and what do we need to divide the group for. A good tip is to think about periods when Åre is a little less crowded, then there is more room for your own thoughts.

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What do our customers say?

A wonderful conference in the mountains

Not everyone has a definite purpose for their conference. A typical conference in Åre might look like this. Arrival takes place in the afternoon with installation at the hotel and spa before dinner and finish at the nightclub.

Day 1 starts with a quick conference session and then off for team activity with included lunch. Relax, spa and dinner at one of the village’s fantastic restaurants end the day.

Day 2 continues with a quick conference session and then optional activity (with each one choosing from a list). End the day with a joint dinner activity (cooking activity).

Day 3 a summing up conference session before lunch and return home.

Do not hesitate to contact us by email or phone and we will tell you more about how we can arrange the best possible conference in Åre for you.

Frequently asked questions about conferences in Åre

Conference trip to Åre – what does it cost?

It costs a lot if you don’t get the right return on the trip! But if you have a good plan, you can earn money by going to a conference to Åre. We at Åreguiderna help you with various suggestions and put together a package of activities that suit your purposes and budget. We make sure that you come home to the office after the Åre trip full of energy.

Can you go on a conference trip to Åre in the summer?

It is perfectly possible to go to a conference in Åre in the summer! We have a variety of summer activities to suit all group sizes. Feel free to check out our activity menu and our conference activities.

Our group has different physical conditions, are there activities that suit everyone’s needs?

Absolutely! We are used to all groups looking different and having different conditions. We have both team building activities that suit your group and also our activity menu where we have fast-paced activities for calmer ones with a focus on culture.

We are a company with about 350 employees who plan to travel to Åre, can you help us with a complete solution?

Of course, we help with activities, accommodation, dinners and transport for groups from 5-1000 people.

Why go to a conference in Åre?

For us, it’s easy. If you ask us, there is no better place in Sweden for a conference, and that applies to the whole year! We and our previous groups love the creativity that flows in a new way when we mix conference sessions with fresh air and the joy of being outdoors.

Teambuilding Conference

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We offer lots of exciting activities that are of high quality, regardless of whether it is winter or summer activities. Let’s fix your entire conference. We are experts at Åre and have a close eye on what is best for the season and your group size. Let’s do what we are good at and you can focus 100% on what you do best.