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We help you with the entire conference in Åre

We help you with the entire conference in Åre. Accommodation, activities and restaurants. We have some ready-made packages but are also flexible and can adapt the trip to your wishes. We are an independent party and our experience and large network of contacts make us unbeatable when it comes to best adapting a conference to your wishes and needs. We can boast without shame that the combination of accommodation, activities and restaurants makes Åre unique in the world.


Åre has a fantastic range of accommodation. Whether it is a luxurious hotel, cozy cottage with self-catering or large conference hotel, we have the options for you.


We are not only a conference operator, we are also Årelargest activity company. Inhouse we have a fantastic range of activities all year round. And if you are interested in activities that we do not have in-house, there is no problem, we have also selected the best subcontractors who help us with even more fantastic experiences.


Åre has a fantastic selection of restaurants. We have tested and reviewed them all down to the smallest detail and according to your wishes, we know exactly which restaurant you should choose.

Ready-made conference packages

5-30 people

Thursday – Sunday

Thursday night
The group arrives at the booked house. Once they have settled in, the evening’s dinner and team activity are delivered in the form of a Chef’s Box together with selected drinks. The box is filled with delicious ingredients, recipes, and chef’s hats for a fun home evening with colleagues. Price from SEK 485 per person.

Friday morning
Conference full day is on the schedule. Part of the house will be perfect for their relaxed conference arrangement (if you want to book a well-equipped room, there are several options in the village).

But before the conference starts, we kickstart the day with a cross-country lesson. Our guides show up when breakfast is set off with cross-country equipment for everyone. Then we run the 90 minute lesson near the accommodation. Price from SEK 600 per person.

At lunch Åreguiderna pick up the guests and then we take a tracked wheeler up the mountain to a cabin where wilderness lunch is served to an incredible view.
Price fr 650 SEK per person.

Friday afternoon
After lunch, guests are transported back to the accommodation where they continue their conference. In the afternoon, coffee is served from one of the local bakeries. Price from SEK 50 per person.

Friday night
We have booked a table for the group at one of the village’s many nice restaurants.

Saturday morning
Today there is a focus on activities! Half of the group has chosen snowmobile and the other half ski touring.

The gang that will drive a snowmobile meets us at our snowmobile base in Björnen. After everyone has put on warm clothes and we had a safety briefing, we set off on winding snowmobile trails between mountain birches and spruce trees to Åre’s magical mountains. Price from SEK 750 per person.

Those who are going to ski touring we meet up at the accommodation. We bring avalanche and ski equipment to everyone. We take the lifts and then with our own power to the more untouched parts of Åreskutan for an incredible mountain experience.
Price from SEK 850 per person.

We then meet up for lunch at one of the mountain restaurants. Price from SEK 250 per person.

Saturday afternoon
In the afternoon, the group enjoys the relaxation in the accommodation before dinner.

Saturday night
For the evening, we have booked a Chef of your own who cooks a three-course dinner with drinks. Fr 1800 SEK per person.

Sunday morning
Long breakfast before check-out and the group travels home.

30-75 people

Monday – Wednesday

Monday morning
The group arrives by morning train to Åre.
For this medium-sized group, we have booked up a smaller hotel facility for exclusivity. After the guests leave their bags in the rooms, breakfast is served before a half-day conference kicks off at the facility.

Monday afternoon
After lunch Åreguiderna have arrived and lined up snowshoes for the whole group. Now it’s time for a team activity that suits everyone, and a fun version of conference – Walk n’talk! Price from SEK 600 per person.

Monday night
After a few hours out in the fresh air with a stop for boiled coffee in a wooden cup with freshly baked bun, the group gets to relax for an hour at the hotel before dinner is served.

Tuesday morning
After breakfast, a bus picks up the group. Half of the group will go dog sledding, price from 1450 SEK per person. The other half go together with guides to Järpen to play Curling. First, we learn the basics before playing an exciting match. Price from SEK 600 per person.

Tuesday afternoon
After a thrilling match with a lot of laughter and a dog sledding experience out of the ordinary, we drop off the group at the hotel for lunch. While guests have lunch, we prepare the afternoon’s activity outside the facility, Biathlon! Here it is important to quickly get around the track and then get your heart rate down enough that you can hit the right one. Our electronic biathlon is a harmless system where weapons, targets mimic feeling, weight and difficulty from real biathlon. A competition that guarantees excitement and team spirit.
Price from SEK 5000 + SEK 350 per person.

Tuesday night
In the evening we have booked dinner at Hummelstugan where we drive the guests by snowmobile. Transport from SEK 2000 + SEK 295 per person. Whether the snow is pouring down, the wind is blowing in the knots or the stars are shining brightly in the still sky, you will be amazed by the magnificence of the mountains. To stand up there when darkness falls and see the lights gleaming from the village is astounding. Good dinner, crackling bonfire and lit candles – price from SEK 1495 per person.

Wednesday morning
After a yesterday filled with fun activities, there will be a conference half day before the train goes home in the afternoon.

75 people or more

Thursday – Sunday

This group stays at one of Åre’s larger hotels where everyone can stay together, such as Copperhill or Holiday Club.

Friday morning
The group arrives in Åre Friday morning. In the room there is a welcome kit for each participant that Åreguiderna helped to develop. Here you will find, among other things, a wooden cup, a fleece vest and a cap with the company’s logo together with Chocolate from Åre Chokladfabrik. After that, the morning’s conference starts.

Friday afternoon
Lunch is enjoyed at the hotel where award-winning chefs cook the food. Price from SEK 150 per person.

After lunch, the hotel has turned into a fort with different cells. Each cell consists of a mission to be solved. The goal of the law is to solve as many cells as possible before the time is up. The cells are of different character and scattered inside and outside the hotel. They are also divided into different categories such as height, balance, thought and strength. The guests are now divided into groups and then we start! Price from SEK 900 per person.

Friday night
After an energetic afternoon, three-course meals are served at the village accompanied by live music from a local band. After dinner, there will be an award ceremony and slide shows from the day’s team activity.

For this type of group, we usually offer an activity menu where the group can choose from activities that suit all different kinds of interests. Off-piste for the ski enthusiast, snowmobile for the fast-paced or more cultural focus where we visit, for example, Tännforsen, Åre Chokladfabrik and Åre glashytta. Price from SEK 600 per person.

Saturday night
Before dinner we have wine tasting price from SEK 495 per person. A fun add on is that we book a lecture with Petter Alexis and learn some of his great passion for wine.

Sunday morning
The group runs conference sessions throughout the morning.

Sunday afternoon
Before the guests travel home, we run one last team activity outside the hotel – Åre Olympiad. The participants are divided into different countries, we light the symbolic fire and let the competitors meet in winter disciplines such as biathlon, long skiing and luge relay. Of course, we also have team flags and speakers! Price from SEK 950 per person.

Sunday night
The group then has a check-out and has time to shower before the trip home.

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