Jetboard in Åre

Surf silently over Åresjön

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Explore nature in new ways! Jetboard, an electric surfboard, allows you to whizz across water mountain lakes and ponds. The activity is feasible in April – October. We offer two different arrangements for your group. On both arrangements we have a boat that can transport the rest of the group on the water while colleagues drive our two boards.

Jetboard Session

SEK 8750 per group

A two-hour session where you learn the basics and set the pace yourself. We bring two boards and four batteries and the ride time is limited to two hours. Optimal for 1-8 participants but it is possible to be larger groups if necessary.

Jetboard Challenge

SEK 11,250 per group

In our challange tour, you get two hours to challenge each other on the water through a course that we set up and with timing. It includes two boards and four batteries. Optimal for 1-8 participants but it is possible to be larger groups if necessary.

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Jetboard caters to a wide audience, from families and businesses to private groups (groups of friends, stag and hen parties) to adventurous adrenaline junkies. Jetboard can all have fun with from 10 to 75 years old, trained or untrained. We see that you are swimming savvy to book this activity.

FAQs about Jetboard in Åre

Is it hard to ride the Jetboard?

It’s a bit tricky and challenging at first but for the vast majority it’s quick and learn. And then it is a fantastic feeling of freedom that the next silent surf on Åresjön surrounded by Åreskutan, Renfjället and Mullfjället.

How long does a battery last?

40 minutes to an hour depending on how fast you drive.

Where do we gather to ride the Jetboard?

It is common for us to gather at Åreguiderna (Åre Torg) and try on wetsuits, but we can of course meet you in other places if desired

How much does it cost to rent Jetboard?

At the moment we only offer a fixed price per group. You can choose Jetboard Session for 8750KR or Jetboard Challenge for 11 250KR per group. Two boards and four batteries are included in both activities.

Is it dangerous to ride the Jetboard?

Not what we’ve discovered. The biggest risk of injury is that you crash but someone else. It is very fast to get to maximum speed but is all the more difficult to turn and stop quickly.