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Technical training for cross-country skiing in Åre

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Get better at cross-country skiing

Book a cross-country ski coach. Our cross-country manager Jesper Johnsson has 10 years of experience as a coach at Järpens ski gymnasium and the Swedish Ski Federation's elite training step 4 and guarantees that our cross-country packages are of the highest class. We work with the market's best products from Salomon and Suunto.

Classic or Skate?

Vår vän Mathias Fredriksson visar skillnaden mellan klassisk längdskidåkning och skateskidåkning. Vad vill du lära dig?

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FAQ and more information

What prior knowledge is required?

Only the desire to want to learn something new. In addition, no special prior knowledge is required to go cross-country skiing in Åre We have had lessons with everything from beginners to professionals. Our experienced guides adapt the lesson to your prerequisites.

Who can I get as a guide?

Jesper Johnsson is our obvious first choice. He has a long and solid long-distance career behind him and has worked over 10 years as a cross-country ski coach at ski gymnasiums around Sweden. When he for some reason can't, we have several competent extra-coaches who are more than happy to jump in. No matter who you get, we promise that the lesson is of the highest quality.

What kind of equipment can I borrow?

We offer the best and latest equipment from Salomon. If you want to borrow the entire equipment or just add something to your own equipment, it is included free of charge in our lessons.

Where do we gather?

We normally gather with us (Åreguiderna) at Åre Torg and then travel together in our MINI cars to the best suitable track. If you have your own equipment, we can meet directly at the the trail (by appointment).

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We know cross-country skiing!

Individual technique trainer

A ski pass for those who want to improve your technique and fitness. Suitable for both those who are an exerciser and you who are elite skiers. We'll hone your technique and you'll get keys to keep working on. You get to try the same exercises as the world's elite. Equipment from Salomon and Suunto is included in the price.

Team technical trainer

Suitable for both beginners and exercisemen. Develop your skiing under the guidance of our trained cross-country coach. The lesson is designed according to the group level. You choose between classic and skate. Equipment from Salomon and Suunto is included in the price.