Cross Country Biking in Åre

There are plenty of great trails to discover by bike in and around Åre. Try out the new trails in the cross country centre in Björnen or go further out on the mountain, you're guaranteed to have a good day! We have both hardtails, full suspension and electric mountainbikes for rent.

Which bike should I choose?

The hardtail bikes are dampened and do not offer the same flexibility as the fully damped full-suspension models, but can be rented at a lower price. We also rent Trek's popular e-mountain bike, which is a fantastic bike for long rides and adventures in the mountains.

Trek Bikes

Trek offers some of the best mountain bikes on the market and they suit a wide range of riders, from happy amateurs to professionals.

Meet-up at Åre Torg between 9: 30-16: 30.

Biking is possible in all weather conditions. In case of rain, we have rain clothes.

All necessary protective equipment is included in the rent.

For anyone between 7-77 years. Book a guide, and we will help you.

Cross country guide - Boka en mountainbikeguide

Upplev Åres vackra fjällnatur och dom fina lederna runt skutan. Våra guider lär ut knep visar vart det är bäst att cykla.

Cykel 1 - 5 personer More people
Med hyrcykel 1800 kr (1800) +350 kr /person
Med egen cykel 3000 kr (3000) +350 kr person

Speciella önskemål? Vi tar dig ut på ett heldagsäventyr på Åre-fjällens vackra leder helt anpassat efter dina önskemål.

Cykel 1 - 5 personer More people
Med hyrcykel 3000 kr (3000) +500 kr /person
Med egen cykel 5000 kr (5000) +500 kr person

Mer information om cross country cykling i Åre

Is it difficult to bike cross country?

No, our guides are good at adapting the path and pace to the conditions and previous knowledge. Sometimes we say it's like cycling up and down a curb every 5 meters. With the right bike it is really fun!

Do you have to be well-trained?

No, we’ll customize the tours to keep everyone in the group happy. We can go a bit more downhill or throw in a coffee break. We also have electric mountain bikes that are perfect if the group is a bit varied.

Are there special bikes?

Yes. We have some of the best bikes on the market from Trek. Our bikes are optimally adapted to the terrain that is here in Åre. The shock absorbers can be locked in three positions. One for downhill cycling, one for climbing up and one for more dirt-like roads, where we want to get all possible power into the pedals.

What kind of clothes do you wear?

Shorts and t-shirt. If it is a colder day, you can have a nice sweater. Sneakers with as flat a sole as possible. If it rains, you can rent a jacket from us.

Where do we meet up?

We are located in the eastern part of Åre Torg (Stationsvägen 16). Here is where you get your bike and also where we meet up for the different courses. We are open between 9:30-18:00 every day.

- The lessee is responsible for the bike and any damages that may occur.


- The lessee becomes liable for any damages that may occur if the lessee has not signed a cost elimination.


- Extradition takes place after 9.30 in the morning and return no later than 16.30 (also applies to multi-day rental unless otherwise specifically agreed).


- A valid ID document must be presented in connection with the rental.

- The cost elimination costs 75 SEK / day and covers any damage to components and protective equipment.

- The supplementary insurance does NOT cover major damage to the frame.

- The supplementary insurance does NOT cover theft.

- Cancellation is made no later than 48h before activity, otherwise the entire activity cost will be charged.


- Åreguiderna reserve the right to suspend or cancel the activity if a security risk arises. E.g. in adverse weather conditions.


- Åreguiderna decide whether or not the activity will be canceled.


- If an activity is canceled, the guest is offered a re-booking of activity or a refund.