We follow all Covid-19 restrictions

Welcome to Åre

Covid-19 in Åre. We at Åreguiderna try to reduce the spread of infection and work hard with hygiene. We follow the recommendations of the Public Health Authorities and take the necessary measures to reduce the spread of infection in Åre. All activities for groups under 50 people on the mountain are open. Keep in mind that we only accept one party at a time inside our premises. This means that any changes, etc. for activities, may take longer than normal. Therefore, please come a few minutes earlier than planned. Thanks!

Measures to prevent the spread of Corona

  • All activities are limited to smaller groups.
  • Only one party at a time is allowed at Åreguiderna Office.
  • The telephone booking is open 9.00 – 18.00.
  • A large steam cleaner to better clean up and kill bacteria on equipment has been invested in.
  • Downhill delivery of protective gear will take place in over the counter and be sprayed extra in case the guest chooses to test a different size.
  • Extra hand sanitizer will be available to all guests

The same generous cancellation policy as before Corona applies.

Free cancellation up to 48 h before activity starts (applies to activities under 10 000 kr)
For groups over 10 000 kr see cancellation policy here.