In nature there are no Covid-19

Covid-19 in Åre. We at Åreguiderna try to limit the spreading of the virus and work hard with hygiene. We follow the recommendations from the public health authority and do what we can to limit contact.
All activities for smaller groups on the mountain are available.

Actions towards limiting the spread of the virus

  • All activities are limited to smaller groups

  • Booking by mail and phone is open as usual.

  • Åreguiderna's office is closed for drop in visits.

  • Ski touring guests are welcome inside to try out the equipment. Avalanche walk through is held outside.

  • Off-pist guests meet outside of the office. Avalanche walk through is held outside.

  • Snowmobile guests will take turns inside the cabin to change. Our waffle stop inside the tipi is changed for coffee and buns outside.

  • Our cars are no longer available to borrow for the dog sledding. Transportation must be arranged by the guest.


Our usual cancelation policy is still in use.

  • Any cancelation closer than 48 hours to the activity will be charged in full.

  • For groups over 10 000 SEK se our cancelation policy here

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