Hundspann Åre

Let Riverlodge Huskys take you into the magical world of dog sledding where it's all about the dogs. You'll get to help around and meet the dogs, you'll also get plenty of time to cuddle with them around the fire.

2 hours with hot drinks around the fire

En tvåtimmarstur med hundspann. I turen ingår alltid kaffe, varm choklad eller te och fikabröd till – och självklart marshmallows att grilla över den öppna elden.

Full day adventure in deep forests
and tall mountains

A full day adventure with the dogs. For anyone who truly wants an experience out of the ordinary. A hearty stew made of local ingredients is served for lunch.

Meeting point at Åreguidernas guide office at the square of Åre.

You can go dog sledding in any weather but dress warm.

All tours are private, just your company and the guide.

An activity for everyone. Half price for children under 12.

Riverlodge Huskys

Riverlodge Huskys har skapats ur intresset respekten och kärleken till hundar. De arbetar efter devisen ”it’s all about the dogs”.​

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  • All tours are private, it's just you and your company.
  • Hot drinks and buns are always included,and of course, marshmallows. 
  • On the full day adventures a hearty stew made from local ingredients is served for lunch. 
  • Down parkas, ski goggles and warm boots are available to borrow. 
  • There is always time to visit to the dogs and cuddle while we put the harnesses on together. hundar och gosa med dem

Riverlodge Huskys

Riverlodge Huskys is located at the eastern end of Åresjön – ”Lake Åre”. Here, at the Lodge right by the lake, you start your tour on the snowcovered ice and then quietly travel by sled with the spectacular view of the mountain Åreskutan. All tours are private, it´s just you and your group. If you are a larger group we divide ourselves into smaller teams and take turns sledding and enjoying the campfire. All you need is available to borrow at the Lodge; downparkas, skigoggles and warm boots. Of course there is always time to visit the dog farm and enjoy the company of our beloved huskys. You are most welcome to help out harnessing the dogs and sneak in a cuddle with them before the tour. For us, the moments around the campfire are almost as important as the sledding itself. In our wooden tipi we sit on our sheepskin and enjoy the heat of the fire while enjoying a coffee, tea and swedish fika (cakes and buns). And of course roasting marshmallows over the fire. If the sun is shining we´ll take the ”fika” outside.

Fire food with private chef.

Enjoy an exclusive dinner cooked over open fire by a french top chef. You won't find a more genuin experience than this.

Nicklas Blom

Nicklas Blom, who runs Riverlodge Huskys, has grown up around dogs. He has run a solo trip with dog sledding throughout the entire Swedish mountain range. It took 39 days and was 1350 kilometers "it's the best thing I've done," he says. Nicklas has also completed the long-distance competition Finnmark, which is 500 kilometers and the world's longest 8-dog competition. In addition, the five-hundred and 600-mile race, Nicklas have also won the Beaver Trap Trail, which is 350 kilometers.

Cancellation of activity must be made at least 48 hours before. Otherwise the entire cost of the activity will be charged.

We reserve the right to cancel the activity if a security risk arises. E.g. in adverse weather conditions.

If an activity is canceled by us, the guest is offered a re-booking of activity or a refund.