Team building in Åre for everyone

See suggestions for activities for the conference below.

Of course, we can also customize the activities to suit your presentation and theme at the conference.

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Team building and conference activities

Do an activity together and strengthen the cohesion of the group

Team Navigation

This activity is perfect for groups of 20 people or more. We divide the group into teams of 6-12 members. From here, you'll have a sort of point-based orienteering where the ability to co-operate, strategic thinking and work allocation is necessary to win. A checkpoint consists of either a task or a broader mission for the team to complete. We can customize the experience according to the theme of your conference. The activity can be performed both inside the hotel or outside in the mountains.
Price example at 80 pers fr 550 SEK / person, time required approx 2-3h

Classic Pentathlon

A team exercise where we'll split the group into teams and do activities depending on the weather conditions. Abilities such as teamwork, cunning and precision are essential to get the win. The activities are a mix of old classic scout exercises and modern games.
Price example at 20 pers 550 SEK / person

Åre Winter Games

Åre's own Olympic winter games are available for small and large groups. Duration 2-4h excluding time for a meal. We divide the attendants into different countries, light the symbolic torch and let the contestants compete in classic winter games. Suits 50-100 people.
Price example at 500 persons 550 SEK / person

Build a sledge

A fun activity where the participants plan, build and test their construction of a sledge. When the vehicle is complete, we wrap up with a fun competition against the other teams. Will it work? Is it fast enough? We will see! This activity demands good teamwork and provides an excellent base for the participants to work on communication, feedback and problem-solving.
Price example at 50 pers 350 SEK / person

More activities for your team

Can the afternoon conference discussions happen in the mountains as we slowly walk with our skins towards the peak, or maybe inside a mountain hut, in front of the fireplace? Should the next meeting start with a helicopter ride to a hunting cabin in the mountains where you'll run a business meeting, lunch and a snowmobile tour afterwards? Top the day off with sauna, champagne tasting and dinner.

The great adventure

The adventure your group deserves and needs! The perfect activity if you're after something extraordinary to strengthen teamwork and companionship within your group. A tough experience in the wilds where you'll contend with the elements. Through co-operation and using the strengths of the team-members, you'll advance in the terrain in and around Åreskutan. We tailor the activity according to the customers' specification when it comes to focus on "fastest team wins" or "the important thing is to participate". It's a full day with everything that goes along with the wilderness, for example, a lunch prepared on the portable kitchen, and coffee boiled over open flame.

Watch the video for examples of this activity!

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