Event during Åre Bike Festival

Åre Enduro Wednesday 5/7 - Friday 7/7

One of the Nordic region's biggest, toughest and most enjoyable reruns. A technical and physical challenge in a matchless environment that suits both the elite and enthusiastic exercisers. Join us for an action-packed day with Scandinavia's best cyclists fighting for victory on a decisive track.

Åre Enduro is a competition in the Enduro Sweden Series and this year the competition has been upgraded to an Enduro World Series Qualifier, an official qualifier for the enduro world tour, Enduro World Series. To get ranking points, you need a membership in EMBA, but of course it is good to be part of it without collecting ranking points.

The competition ends at Åre Torg where After Biken starts as soon as the first rider crosses the finish line.

Midnight Cycling - Thursday 6/7 and Friday 7/7, 7 p.m. 23: 00-01: 00

Last year's success is back! Cycle on the Åreskutan at night under a glowing Jämtland sky. A world-unique cycling adventure that is guaranteed to be a memory of life!

Last year's places went straight away so be sure to sign up as soon as possible if you want to participate.

Kill the Villagers Wednesday 5/7 1:30 pm

Sweden's toughest XC race, a blatantly brutal hillsprint from Åre Torg all the way up to Fjällgårdsexpressen's top station. A competition that sold the bait from the wheat, and some more. The rules are simple - First to goal wins. Or make sure to scam as many of Åre's self-sufficient cyclists as possible.

Whip it Good Saturday 8/7 16:00

Go big and do it nicely. The world's oldest whip competition is then run last year at the big ÅBC kicker at Stjärntorget at VM6's valley station. Guaranteed a world-class jumping show where some of the galaxy's best cyclists throw the rear wheels harder than you even thought possible in your wildest imagination. Make sure to be there!

Åre Video Challenge Saturday 9/7 20:00

The grand finale of the Åre Bike Festival takes place in the arena of the Holiday Club. Finally, we get to see this year's contribution in the Åre Video Challenge where (five?) Specially invited film teams offer each edit in top class. A winner is selected and received great prizes and audience cheers in one of the world's most prestigious video competitions.

The evening contains everything a cyclist needs, good cycling, lovely environment, great music, good food, cold drinks and an astonishing creativity. One evening you as a cyclist simply do not want to miss.

The doors open at. 19:00 and the show starts at. 20:00. If you have a festival pass, just step right in, food and drink are available from the opening of the arena so come on time and hang for a while before it starts.

If you just want to be present during this evening and not during the whole festival, you can of course buy an entrance ticket, the tickets can be bought in the info box at Åre Torg or directly at the door of the Holiday club.