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Åre is a strong brand associated with very positive energy. Visitors are here on vacation, kickoff or a fun conference. People are open to positive messages and that's something we love to work with. We love our Åre and we know how the market and people work up here. We also know what is worth investing in and not.

Examples of past events

Salomon MTN collective junior event i Åre

Solomon MTN Collective Junior

Mini event under alpina VM i Åre

MINI during the Alpine World Cup

RedBull Afterski - Åre session event

RedBull Afterski - Åre Sessions

Åre Bike Festival event av Åreguiderna

Åre Bike Festival

Peak Performance

Examples of previous customers

Work process


What is the purpose of the event? A classic question that we need to answer to set goals and know in which direction we should work. We at Åreguiderna Event are competitive people and we love to achieve and exceed goals. We want to exceed your excpectations too! We always take the time to sit down together with the customer to properly discuss the purpose, idea and goals.


When the purpose, idea and goal are clear, we make an overall project plan. We also make a schedule and a budget. We fix personnel, permits (landowner contacts) and produce materials that form the basis for the upcoming meeting. We put together a team with the right skills and contract suppliers and partners. As implementation approaches, we transform planning and production into a detailed schedule based on the idea that has been communicated, during and after the meeting. We simply do what we are experts in: to lead projects and to keep order on the parts and the whole, always with the guiding idea as a guiding star.


Throughout the process, we make continuous reconciliations, so that the customer is constantly involved in and updated about where we stand in the project. After the implementation, we recommend doing a proper evaluation. Together with the customer, we summarize the successes and lessons learned. Did we reach our goal? Was it a meaningful event? Then we look ahead: what do we do now? Should we do the same next year? We believe in long-term partnerships and building recurring events.

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