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Åre Bike Park is Scandinavian's largest bike park, offering Northern Europe's best lift-borne downhill biking. We at Åreguiderna are proud to offer most trained bicycle guides (according to the international standard PMBI). Our guides will gladly take you and show you some of the bicycle park's all 35 trails!

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Track descriptions of 35 trails in Åre Bike Park

01 - Easy Rider

Partially machine excavated, 5,004 meters of pure bicycle enjoyment passed through Åre's magnificent high zone, from the top station of the Kabinbanan all the way down to Hummeln. A broad, machine-excavated joint that is unparalleled in Scandinavia with its many velodromes and a pure magic flow. Fits all levels, from world champion down to first time cyclist.

02 - Hellrajd

A black expert trail that goes exclusively over Åreskutan's bare rock slabs in the high zone. Fully loaded with natural obstacles, drips, steep roll-downs and stone chests. A minor hell for beginners, a hellish pleasure for advanced cyclists. A laundromatous Classic!

03 - 1000-meter members

The first part of the Åreskutan that was built for free-riding, almost 20 years later, is the least fun. A technical, rocky, singletrack that puts a good test of both line selection and curvature. But don't forget to enjoy the view on the way down.

04 - The wheels

A wide, winding trail that takes cyclists from the calf mountains down to the World Cup plateau. Fast, rocky and sometimes technically difficult but still possible to roll at a leisurely pace if you feel it.

05 - Svartberget

Enjoy with understanding, do not let the seductive view focus from the cycling. This is a rocky and very technical story along the magically beautiful Svartberg edge. Road selection and concentration are everything.

06 - World Cup Members

A long transport route that runs from Hjulingen to the Hummelliften valley station. Many of the mountain's finer joints connect to and from the WC trail.

07 - The Red Hill Trail

A medium-heavy singletrack that leads across the heather mountain, parallel to the WC trail to the World Cup.

08 - Organic

Organic links the Hummellift mountain with the plateau at VM8: berg. A short rap small joint with some small jumps.

09 - Årevägen

Light but fast transport route that goes all the way from Rödkullevägen back to Kabinbanan and VM6: an.

10 - The pelvic trail

Scandinavia's most beautiful singletrack? A rolling path in perfect soil that winds through a lush mountain birch forest, past magical waterfalls, rippling streams and continues forever down to the VM8's valley station. 400 vertical meters of the finest cycling available.

11 - French Connection

A narrow and technical singletrack that leads from the upper part of the Bräckebäcksleden to the lower part of Månskogens.

12 - Bracket turn

An easy and fun detour from Bräckevägen with nice turns and a nice flow. Ideal for beginners who want to test their wings on a little more technical cycling.

13 - The Moon Forest

A broad and smooth singletrack with velodrome curves and small jumps running from the World Cup plateau down to the Solstigen. Quantities of nice curves in an equally comfortable environment. Perfect route for the average cyclist.

14 - Stepped

Continuation at Månskogen, which starts at Solstigen and one of the most popular trails in Åreskutan. A smooth singletrack with fantastic curves that are easy to ride but difficult to ride really fast. A challenge for all levels of cyclists!

15 - Shimano

Perhaps the most talked-about trail of the year, and that for a good reason! Shimano is a 3,300 meter long excavated jumping jetty loaded with large velodrome curves and some 50, at least as big, jumps. An adrenaline-filled, laugh-provoking trip all the way down to Stjärntorget.

16 - Västra Stjärnvägen

Slim and beautiful singletrack with a nice feeling of speed. Loaded with natural obstacles such as stones and roots. Feeling of choice and speed control is highly rewarded. Another classic trail that has been cycled since the beginning of time.

17 - Downhill track

Åre's racing course for downhill starts up at Hummeln with a series of steep turns in a soft mountain mill and then continues straight into a very technical stone section. You can also get on the DH track from VM6's mountain station and throw yourself straight into a narrow, fast and technical challenge that will not let go until down at Stjärntorget. One of Åre's most challenging leads. The Swedish elite will run the entire course in under four minutes. What will be your time?

18 - World Cup road

Transport route from Hummeln down to the WC. A perfect way to easily get to Månskogen.

19 - Eagle's Nest
20 - Rydbergs Dropp

One of Åreskutan's most technical leads, short but very difficult. This was the beginning of the Åre World Cup course from 1999 and actually even harder today than then. A steep start ends with a drop out on Rydberg's road.

21 - Rydbergs Road

Beautiful and furiously beautiful singletrack that offers the most airy view of the mountain where it rounds the Örnnästet and leads down to the WC trail on a technical basis.

22 - Rip Drums

Legend-ridden bike land, which is also one of the few parts left of Åre's classic World Cup track. Terribly steep, narrow, rocky and really technically difficult singletrack that ends at the World Cuppliften top station. Run it and feel - rightly so - as a world champion!

23 - Uffes

Fun and challenging joints that have tight curves and nice little jumps. The entrance can be a little daunting at first.

24 - Bräckevägen

An easy transport route that goes from the WC trail down to Årevägen.

25 - LRF pathway

Transport from Bräckebäcksleden and Getrappet back to Kabinbanan and VM6: an.

26 - Serpentine

A long and easy trail from the VM6: via the Hummelliftens valley station down towards Stjärntorget. The beginner's first contact with downhill biking, and a very good one.

27 - The funicular

Åreskutan's by far the most cycled route that starts directly at the VM6 descent and ends down at Fjällgården. An undulating machine excavated hitch with lots of jumps and velodrome curves that elicits beautiful G-forces. The name gossips about the emotions one by one
go, don't even try to hold back the smile bands.

28 - Purple blue

One of Åreskutan's most popular routes, such as a spinning roller coaster on two wheels. A machine-excavated joint with velodrome curves and just enough big jumps - which of course can be rolled over if you wish.

29 - Nelson

A very steep and extremely technical singletrack, surrounded by a beautiful pine forest. A link that places high demands on both courage, concentration and technology. Only for advanced riders, others do not bother.

30 - Ternnis Path

Narrow and curvy singletrack that goes from Solstigen and meets the DH track just above Stjärntorget. Sometimes very steep and filled with lots of nice switchbacks that put a lot of test on the bike technology.

31 - The toboggan track

Åre's classic toboggan run lives on in the summer and bridges Flinbanan and Lilla Blå with Fjällängen with a series of nice high-speed curves. You can also take a left at Hyddan and hop all the way down to the square along the Bergbanan.

32 - The cannon tube

A short but challenging route with built wall rides and wooden bridges.

33 - Jannes Rygg

A short but very steep and messy track. Technically demanding but good training for major challenges higher up the mountain.

34 - Slippery When Wet
35 - The ÅBC kick
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