Åre Bike Festival 2017

Now it is time again to show off and pay tribute to cycling in Åre! Through the Åre Bike Festival, the goal is to reach out both within Sweden's borders and internationally. On July 5-9, Åre invites you to a weekend with lots of cycling in different forms and of course lots of other fun!

Developed as a cyclist with the help of some of Sweden's best cycling instructors and professional cyclists, take a cold drink at one of the village's all "After Bikes" or come and see when Sweden's best cycling mechanic competes in the "Klas Garage" competition. Everything that belongs to cycling can be found during the Åre Bike Festival 2017.

Events during the festival:

Åre Enduro Wednesday 5/7 - Friday 7/7

Midnight Cycling - Thursday 6/7 and Friday 7/7, 7 p.m. 23: 00-01: 00

Kill the Villagers Wednesday 5/7 at 13:30

Whip it Good Saturday 8/7 16:00

Åre Video Challenge Saturday 8/7 at. 20:00

For participation in all events during Åre Bike Festival, the festival pass is required. Registration and more information can be found at www.arebikefestival.com.